Naruto shippuden 40 episodes

Sakura and Naruto come down hard at Sai for making fun of their former teammate, Sasuke.
53 "Title" Transcription: "Taitoru" ( Japanese : ) April 3, 2008 October 27, 2010 15 Just as Sasuke is about to execute a powerful jutsu to finish the team, Orochimaru, followed by Kabuto, appears and stops him.
Finally, the new Team Kakashi sets off on their new mission to capture and intercept the spy in Orochimaru's subordinates, and gather information about Sasuke Uchiha."Naruto Shippuden Box Set 3 DVD".Shin Kakashi han" ( Japanese :!) November 15, 2007 May 5, 2010 15 Unable to identify Sai, Naruto, Choji and Shikamaru attempt to capture him, but Sai withdraws.Yamato forcibly returns Naruto to his normal state.Jinchuriki" Transcription: "Orochimaru tai Jinchriki" ( Japanese : VS) January 10, 2008 July 7, 2010 15 Naruto, in his Four-Tailed form, attacks Orochimaru, and devastates the surrounding landscape, also preventing Sai and Yamato's wood clone from approaching him.Seeing Naruto in his Four-Tailed state, Sakura is awestruck and terrified.There, Sai confronts a shadowed Sasuke, realizing that this is the man whom Naruto and Sakura have been searching for.Dokuhebi no ajito" ( Japanese :!) February 14, 2008 August 11, 2010 15 Sai is temporarily trapped in a powerful genjutsu from Sasuke's Sharingan, that frightens him.
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A tied up Kabuto homelite st-175 owners manual gives a vague description of Sasuke's location to the team, thinking that Orochimaru would just kill them either way.
49 "Something Important." Transcription: "Taisetsu na mono" ( Japanese : ) March 6, 2008 August 25, 2010 15 Before Yamato's team departs to find Sasuke in the hideout, Kabuto appears in front of them and attacks them, before freeing Sai."Naruto - Shippuden: Collection - Volume 5 - DVD".Retrieved October 11, 2011.To będzie nadal i niezmiennie ta sama znana ci firma "Milanos" z Chorzowa.Before the meeting could finish, Orochimaru appears and interrupts the two.Sai then reveals to Sakura that he has no emotions, and little understanding of them, as a part of his training in anbu Root.The Konoha team decides to browse Sai's book to give them some clue about him, and they notice that its filled with the story of two boys' paths and battles, however, the pages where the two boys would meet are unfinished.The opening theme for this season is "Distance" by Long Shot Party.Yamato, being suspicious of traps, suggests to the team to alter their route and go through a forest.The spy is revealed to be Kabuto, who spills out the location of Orochimaru's current hideout.Leaving Yamato's wood clone to watch over Kabuto, Yamato and his team enter Orochimaru's hideout and they split up to find Sasuke, Naruto and Sai heading one service manual lexmark e450 way, with Sakura and Yamato to another.Archived from the original on February 27, 2017.38 "Simulation" Transcription: "Shimyurshon" ( Japanese : ) December 6, 2007 June 2, 2010 15 Yamato decides to have a mock test for his team to see how everyone coordinates with each other.Inside the house, the team formulates their plan of capturing the spy.

Sakura decides to charge at Sasuke, but Yamato jumps in front of her, only to wind up being stabbed by Sasuke's Chidori-infused katana.
As Sai talks about his bonds, Orochimaru suddenly appears and attacks them.