Mercs patch 3.02 b

Allows Holotraverse/Trick Move to be used while immobilized, and it removes immobilizing and slowing effects when used.
New Flashpoint: Star Fortress!
Leveling from level 1 has never been more exciting!
Additional Changes: Heroic Missions are now repeatable weekly.General, players will now achieve Legendary Status if they complete every class story in the game.Their duration is increased to 8 hours and they are now made in batches of 6-8 depending on the type.Black Talon Esseles Boarding Party Taral V The Foundry Maelstrom far cry 3 save game crack fix Prison Kaon Under Siege Lost Island Battle of Ilum The False Emperor Hammer Station Athiss Mandalorian Raiders Red Reaper Cademimu Kuat Drive Yards Czerka Labs Czerka Core Meltdown Korriban Incursion Assault on Tython Depths.Below is a list of all the now available Operation content: Eternity Vault Karaggas Palace Explosive Conflict Terror From Beyond Scum and Villainy Golden Fury Dread Fortress Dread Palace Ravagers Temple of Sacrifice Colossal Monolith High-Priority Target Hard Mode Operation Every week, a different Hard.All existing Items and Missions have been adjusted to fit into these Grades.Packs have been completely reworked based on player feedback.All Harvesting Nodes now have a chance to grant both sets of materials for their respective Grade.
You can use Phantom/Shadow Stride while immobilized, and it purges immobilizing and slowing effects when used.The Flashpoints prior to Kuat Drive Yards are available in Tactical Mode for the first time!Completing The Forgotten Trophy Alliance Alert will no longer grant the player Broken Commendations.Unlearned Schematics can no longer be equipped in armoring slots.See the Flashpoints Operations section for full details!The Smokescreen Toxin debuff will now remain on the player as long as they are in the toxin room during the Biological Warfare Mission.Saber Ward grants immunity to stuns and incapacitating effects (fear, sleep, blind, etc.) for 6 seconds after you activate.Alliance System Work with famous heroes from across the galaxy to grow your Alliance and prepare to take on the Eternal Throne.Hatred/Serenity New Passive Skill: Languishing Lashes/Atrophying Attacks!

Fury/Concentration New Passive Skill: Furious Rage/Centered Focus!