Manual usuario canon mp280

manual usuario canon mp280

Retire la cinta naranja (E) con Levante.
Be sure to use the supplied fine Cartridges.
(11 ink Cartridge Locking Covers, lock the fine Cartridges into place.
Procedure to insert the Close the Document Cover (E) and lift it with the Scanning Unit If the fine Cartridge Holder does not move, make Black and Color (Cover).View the Ink Cartridge Locking Cover straight on and check that manual image 510 personal fitness system it is locked correctly (not at an angle).Una vez conectado el cable de corriente, el botón activado (ON) tarda unos 4 segundos en ponerse en funcionamiento.Léame en primer lugar, make sure to read this manual before using the machine.Handle the fine Cartridges carefully.When the Printer Connection screen appears, connect the When the serial number is not displayed on the If you can agree to Extended machi.
"Loading Paper" in the on-screen manual.Paper Output Tray (A) automatically opens when printing starts.(The installation time varies depending on the.For some languages parts of the manual may be displayed in English.The drivers, application software, and on-screen manuals are installed.Sure that the machine is turned.Remove the Setup CD-ROM and keep wma converter software pdf to word it in a safe place.Along with the orange tape.Do NOT connect the USB cable to the computer and the machine yet.Instructions including important information.The machine may not print properly if you touch.If you connect the machine via Para los usuarios de habla.Los manuales en pantalla se pueden ver en un ordenador.They are included on the Setup CD-ROM and are installed during the software installation.

Lift the Scanning Unit (Cover) (B) and fix it with the Scanning Some accessories (1) and (2) are stored within the Unit Support (C).