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All the strength of such a man is being fused into something noble and unwavering.
That is the message of the Gita.No escape from life, no petty contentment, no cushioned journey for the Arjuna who is prepared to listen.Concentration implies rising superior to the pairs, the qualities, and fear, attachment and wrath by doing acts of which mental resistance forms a great part.Human nature being one and indivisible, every stage in this process makes a man more of himself, more effective in his action.Ordinarily a man of knowledge can never cease to be a man of action in some form or other.All the books are available for downloads as pdfs, and are free.He is the honest man, humble, sincere.Every one of us great and small has passed through.Get the Hard Copy of this book at your home / like / share.This has been the experience of the strong.
It means a life and death struggle with the great enemies, the desire and wrath.In the same way Action is not used in any sense other than self-expression through deeds after becoming steadfast in the dynamic unity of the co-ordinate faculties.But these three processes are not separate, nor separable.It lies in real personal power; not like the power of the worldly, in apparent glitter and domination.The modern scientists only put the same process in a different way.If I find that her words result from hysteria or delirium I will soothingly put her to bed.Even those who attain godhood by having reached perfection, nay, God himself, everyone, must express through action.When again Arjuna is told Shelter thyself in Yoga, Stand up, Oh Bharata!To radiate ones personality through acts is the fight to which Arjuna is called.Light, energy and sloth must cease to distract.But the trend of his evolution is from the dispersal of his mental energy to a co-ordinated outlook which controls all his activities.The legacy which directs the purpose and exacts the discipline becomes more effective with every step in the mans self-realization; and his whole nature being directed by one-pointed will is expressed through action and makes him a Yogi.I will speak the gentle word which turneth away wrath.This scripture contains a conversation between Pandava prince Arjuna and his guide Krishna on a variety of philosophical issues.

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