Concord series 4 installation manual

concord series 4 installation manual

When -totals' is used with an argument, this argument is interpreted as a symbolic name of a signal, upon delivery of which the statistics is to be printed: -totalssigno' Print statistics upon delivery of signal signo.
no-auto-compress' Disables automatic compressed format recognition based on the archive suffix.If the archive is on tape, you don't need to rewind the tape to to its beginning-if the tape head is positioned past the beginning of the archive, the script will rewind the tape as needed.3.6 Obtaining GNU tar default values GNU tar has some predefined defaults that are used when you do not explicitly specify another values.Tar home/myself/practice/ home/myself/practice/blues home/myself/practice/folk home/myself/practice/jazz This default behavior can sometimes be inconvenient.anchored' -no-anchored' See anchored patterns.verbose' -v' Specifies that tar should be more verbose about the operations it is performing.The most important exception are incremental archives (see section Using tar to Perform Incremental Dumps ).Only the last option in such a set is allowed to have an argument (3).help'?' tar will print out a short message summarizing the operations and options to tar and exit.
Some archives also record the file names in each archived directory, as well as other file and directory information.) You doc martin season 6 episode 2 can use tar to create a new archive in a specified directory.The name of the backup script is backup.As you may recall, the directory is called practice the files are jazz blues folk and the two archive files you created are collection.See section Overriding File Metadata.The main difference to be aware of is that if the extracted directory has the same name as any directory already in the working directory, then files in the extracted directory will be placed into the directory of the same name.You may wish to set it to ssh, to improve security.In July, 2003 GNU tar was put on CVS.org (see.org/projects/tar and active development and maintenance work has started again.Tar blues folk jazz The order of the arguments is not very important, when using long option forms, however you should always remember to use option as the first argument to tar.Directory Modification Times and Permissions After successfully extracting a file member, GNU tar normally restores its permissions and modification times, as described in the previous sections.