Mk3 manual transmission fill plug

I know that the drain plug for the '99 wiso mein verein 2012 B18B1 with book of mormon home study manual auto transmission is on the passenter side of the engine compartment.
To add fluid, I recommend a funnel with at least a 12" hose to reach the filler hole.
NThere is no user replaceable transmission filter.
Also, I have a couple bottles of redline MT90 in the garage, I haven't heard much about using this, I understand the Honda MTF is good, but I have no other use for the MT90.Put plug back in, done.I have read the faq and searched, but my trans seems different.Obviously, the drain plug is the one at the far bottom.I know I did this and got turned around and removed la boda de luis alonso partitura pdf the one on the driver side accidentally.Never overfill transmission fluid.
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Type of fluid is marked on the dipstick.Check your level then add the appropriate amount.( Full Answer most filler plugs on transmissions and transfer cases are or 2 types; both are threaded plugs; with either a hollow square hole in it (traditionally 3/8 and you remove it with a 3/8" ratchet wrench.You fill your transmission by removing the plate around the shifter from inside the cockpit of the car.Screw the bottom one back in and add fluid through the top plug until fluid starts to come out.I know it is not standard, remember this is a Korean car.It's Mercon ATF, by the way.Remove the plug and if you can touch the fluid with your finger it is full.